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About Us

Davis Wedding Video is owned by Lee and Maureen Davis of Springfield.  They've been married since 1976 and have two children.  Their daughter, Lisa, got married in April 2005.  Once Lee gave the bride away, he sat down and popped up a video camera.  "Dad-cam." We might have expected as much. Son Ryan was married in June 2007. It was a video extravaganza.

Lee has been a broadcaster for more than forty years, and has vast experience producing long form and short form video, writing, producing, and shooting mini-series documentaries, as well as short programs.  He has shot videotape of just about everything from the glaciers of Alaska to off shore boat races in the Atlantic Ocean off Key West, Florida, as well as medical documentation and legal depositions.

We've been preserving wedding memories since 1984.  In 1982, we bought our first video camera and portable recording deck.  Since then, there have been a lot of brides and grooms whose wedding memories we have preserved.  A few couples have later called upon us to do videos of their children's baptisms!  We'd be glad to video tape the birth, too.  Maureen is a registered nurse, specializing in mother-baby care since 1975, and has seen it all.  

With the relatively recent explosion of technology, wedding memories can now be preserved clearer, with greater creativity, and maintaining top quality, while delivering the final product in a variety of formats, from VHS tape, to DVD, to web movie.

We continue to add to and upgrade our non-linear editing suite, and audio and video equipment.  Because we're constantly upgrading, we can't give you specific models of equipment but we can tell you that we use professional, digital broadcast quality equipment to assure the best possible production.

Some of our specialized studio applications include: Photoshop 7.0; Pinnacle Studio 8; Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0; Adobe Encore DVD 1.5; Canopus Imaginate 2.0; Dreamweaver; and Cool Edit Pro.

The technology moves at a lightning pace, but it's the creative eye, skill and experience which make the difference.  Otherwise, you could just have your uncle Ed tape the wedding for you...but Uncle Ed probably doesn't have 20 years experience preserving wedding memories. And truthfully, he'd probably rather just sit back and enjoy the ceremony.

Oh, that old camera of ours?  Obviously, we never use it any more.  But we still have it around, because it, too, brings back memories.

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